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Initial consultation

The initial consultation is an important step in our journey together. It's a free 30-minute phone call where we can get to know each other better. During this call, I'll listen to what's brought you to counselling and give you the chance to share your needs and goals.

This is a confidential space where we can explore if we're a good fit to work together. I'll provide insights into how my therapeutic approach can support you, and together, we can decide if my services align with your unique path towards healing and self-discovery.

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Integrative Therapy

As an integrative therapist, I believe in the power of tailored counselling. I draw upon a diverse range of therapeutic approaches, including person-centred and psychodynamic modalities, to create a unique and effective therapy experience just for you. Your journey towards well-being is as unique as you are, and my approach is designed to adapt to your specific situation and goals. Together, we will explore your inner world, address challenges, and unlock the tools you need for personal growth and healing.

Outdoor Therapy

I offer outdoor therapy sessions in three picturesque locations around the Farnborough area. These natural settings provide a serene backdrop for our counselling sessions, with nature's wonders enhancing the therapeutic process.

Spending time in nature has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, making it an ideal environment to explore your thoughts and feelings during our sessions.

Whether we're strolling through the natural surroundings or sitting amidst the beauty of the outdoors, this approach fosters mindfulness, helping you connect with your inner self and the present moment.

Nature often inspires self-reflection and personal growth, aligning its natural cycles of growth and change with your own life journey. This can provide fresh insights into the challenges you are facing and offer a unique perspective on your path to healing.

In our outdoor therapy sessions, you have the freedom to choose the style that suits you best, whether it's a moving conversation during a walk or a tranquil moment sitting among the beauty of the natural world. Together, we will explore your concerns, seek clarity, and work towards solutions while harnessing the therapeutic power of nature. Nature becomes a partner in your healing journey, aiding you in achieving balance and well-being.

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